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Buying an apartment is a big investment. We undertake the management of your short/long-term investments providing you a stable, reliable monthly income.We offer immigrant and property insurance to all of our foreign clients and help them pay their property taxes (Enfia, e9).

Introductory Meetings

We introduce our company and arrange an appointment with you to visit and evaluate your property in order to make an objective assessment of it, based on the current market situation.

Property Management

We evaluate the condition of the property after visiting and give advices for potential repairs or partly/fully renovation works.

We give recommendations and advices for the optimal use of your property because sometimes it might be more efficient for a short-term lease rather than a long-term lease.

We also provide information on the current situation of the rental and property management regime in Greece.

Everyday Property Operations

Ηandling of all rental agreements and complete monitoring of the extension, renewal and expiration of leases.

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