Who we are

Established in 2018, our company accommodates the needs of hundreds of customers from all over the world.

What can we offer you

Our company’s highly skilled and knowledgeable team can ensure our customers have an excellent experience while trusting us
managing their properties.


Need information on the changes in the legislation on rental and property management in Greece? We are here to help you!

Introductory Meetings

Want to increase your investment’s efficiency? Make long-term lease, or a short-term lease? We introduse our company and arrange an appointment with you.

Promotion & Lease Singing

Are you satisfied from our consulting services? You sign the management contract and we are ready to provide you our property services.

Everyday Property Operations

Ηandling of all rental agreements and complete monitoring of the extension, renewal and expiration of leases.

Let the facts convince you

These are some of our most impressive statistics, after closing our most successful year yet for the third time in a row. 

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Properties under
our managment
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Happy customers
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Economic growth
in the last 3 years